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Luigi Piccinato

, Italy
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Italian architect and urbanist, Luigi Piccinato gained his degree on 1923 at "La Sapienza" in Rome. His career is marked by his deep interest in the urban history and the environment. Highlights, for example, in the central station, and the Medicine faculty projects in Naples. His urban researchers brought him to work in different city centers like Brescia, Matera, Naples, and Rome with outstanding outcomes in term of city analysis and future assets.

He taught from 1937-50 at Naples University, later at IUAV in Venice till 1963, and he concluded the academic path in Rome. On 1945 with Bruno Zevi, Mario Ridolfi, and Pier Luigi Nervi create the A.P.A.O. (Associazione Per L'architettura Organica), an Italian association focused on the organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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, Italy
daniele, May 11th, 2017
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