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Jiri Vozenilek

, Czechia
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Jiri Vozenilek was born on August 14th, 1909 in Holesov. He attended high school in Prague, where he also studied architecture at the CVUT and he became a university professor at this institution in the 1960's. Later, he became the main architect of The Capital of Prague.

He started to work for the Bata Company on April 20th, 1937. His first task was to assist the architect Vladimir Karfik on the Roman Catholic Church project in Otrokovice-Batov. Then he became the leader of the collective 276, Construction Department no. 8 and the head architect as well.

He cooperated with architect Jaroslav Fragner for the Bata Company on the creation of the urban concept called The Industrial City of Kolin in 1940-41.

He created an interesting industrial project, The Rendering Plant in Otrokovice-Batov on his own. Several of his other architectural works can be found in the former Bata factory in Zlin, particularly the factory buildings no. 15 (built in 1946-47) and no. 14 (built in 1947-48). However, the most famous work of Jiri Vozenilek is the Collective House in Zlin.

He is the author of many famous urban projects in his homeland and around the world as well. He became the head of the group of architects who created the Regulation Plan of Zlin in 1946-47, which is valid even today.

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, Czechia
lacuna, April 17th, 2014
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