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Frederick Philip Dinkelberg

New York, United States of America
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Dinkelberg, Frederick P. Burnham, D.H., & Co.

Frederick Philip Dinkelberg was an American architect best known for being Daniel Burnham's associate for the design of the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, New York City. He practiced in New York City from 1881 to c.1891, and after that was based in Chicago, Illinois.

Fred Dinkelberg began his career as a practicing architect in New York City in 1881, where he would remain for 10 years. While there, he designed a 26-story skyscraper in lower Manhattan, on Broadway between Battery Place and Maiden Street, which has since been demolished. At the time, this was the tallest office building in the world and formed the basis for Dinkelberg's widely published obituaries crediting him as the "Father of the Skyscraper."

While in New York, Dinkelberg met Charles Atwood, and, through Atwood, Daniel Burnham, who hired Dinkelberg to work on the World's Columbian Exposition, for which Burnham was the chief of construction. Once the fair was completed, Burnham hired Dinkelberg for his firm, D. H. Burnham & Company. There, he designed the Santa Fe Building, also known as Railway Exchange Building, a 17-story office building built in 1903-1904 and today part of the Historic Michigan Boulevard District, and the Heyworth Building.

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New York, United States of America
mariathuroczy, May 6th, 2017
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