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Feilden Fowles

London, United Kingdom
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Feilden Fowles is a leading young architecture practice, committed to sustainable design. They have a hands-on approach to construction and materials, working through models and prototypes. Feilden Fowles celebrate the physical qualities and inherent structural properties of materials, an approach that results in a rich and experiential architecture. They are interested in all scales of design, engaging in a multi-disciplinary approach through early collaboration with designers, the trades and complimentary professions.

In 2010 architects moved into our current home, an old shoe factory in East London. They converted the space ourselves, stripping back to the inherent form and making our own furniture. More recently we created a dedicating model-making workshop. The raw structure of the space is being refined year-on-year in order to provide improved thermal performance and to test materials we are interested in, while the metal framed windows and fair faced concrete structure retain the original industrial character. Their aim to lead by example, reducing energy usage through investing and experimenting with the existing building fabric. There are plans to expand the studio in the near future to give them more room for our growing practice and to allow greater experimentation.

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London, United Kingdom
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mariathuroczy, February 4th, 2013
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