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Duilio Damilano

Cuneo, Italy
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Duilio Damilano graduated at Polytechnic of Turin in 1988, founded his architectural firm in 1990. He was born in Cuneo from a family of sculptors and he was interested in architecture since he was a child developing interest in plastic and material aspects of objects.

The work of the practice, according to critic Brunetto De Batte, breaks immediately the connection with the masters of Piedmont area standing out and develops two lines of architectural composition that almost negate each other. On one side the clarity and purity of signs in stately homes and on the other side the experimental forms of its commercial and industrial buildings. These are two opposite lines of research, sometimes strident each other, that seem not to destabilize the architect and who live and feed off each bringing out three interpretations of the works suggested by the architect Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, one of the most important Italian architecture critics: the symbolic, the sculptural and the emotional.

Since 1989 he began his professional career as an associate. In 1990 he opened DAMILANOSTUDIOARCHITECTS developed through collaborations with artists and designers, new paths in the field of architecture, both in Italy and abroad. DAMILANOSTUDIOARCHITECTS develops a language with a contemporary approach for continuous research in the modeling of architectural forms. Particular attention is paid to light, transparent and reflective surfaces in projects that take a force of expression that sometimes cancels or enhances the built volumes.

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Cuneo, Italy
bostjan, August 6th, 2014
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