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Charles Moore

New Orleans, United States of America
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Charles Willard Moore was an American architect, teacher, writer, and winner of the AIA Gold Medal in 1991. Moore graduated as an architect at the University of Michigan in 1947 and earned a doctorate in philosophy from Princeton University in 1957. In 1951 he opened his own studio in Moterrey and Berkeley. As an architect, much of his work was done under the identification "MLTW" - Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull, Whitaker. In 1970 he founded Charles W. Moore Associates in Essex and in 1991 the firm, Moore / Anderson architects.

Moore belongs to the generation of American architects formed by Robert Venturi, Romualdo Giurgola, Turnbull, Esherick, which stand out for their great vitality and concerns. Moore's works have great simplicity and full of humor. They mix them with great skill and refinement, a series of heterogeneous elements that break all the gunwales and taboos of modern architecture. Based on his studies at Princeton, Moore developed a humanistic approach to architecture design in which each tried to link users with a clearly defined space environment.

Moore believed that architecture should get answers to all the senses, not only from a visual point of view. I thought that architecture should be based on customer preferences and in a symbolic reference to the site. He proposed to create architecture that would involve history, myth and creativity. Instead of using architecture to moralize an ideal, it used to generate an environment that stimulates the user.

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New Orleans, United States of America
bostjan, September 19th, 2016
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