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Carla Juacaba

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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Carla Juacaba (b. 1976) has been developing her independent practice of architecture and research since 2000, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her office is currently engaged in both public and private projects, focusing on housing and cultural programs.

Since graduating she has worked with the architect Gisela Magalhaes (of Oscar Niemeyer's generation), mostly working on exhibitions related to the Brazilian native arts and historical museums.

During her first year after college (2000) she worked jointly with another architect Mario Fraga on a project called "Atelier House". Following that, a series of projects have been conceived such as Casa Rio Bonito (2005), Casa Varanda (2007), the Minimal House (2008) and Santa Teresa House which neared completion in 2012. She has also worked on various exhibition designs.

Current projects includes the ephemeral pavilion conceived with the senior scenographer and theatre director Bia Lessa, "Humanidade2012" for Rio+20, the recent international meeting held in Rio de Janeiro. And also tow houses on the outskirt of Rio. Carla Juacaba has been involved in various Biennale events and exhibitions is teaching at FAU-PUC RJ Pontificia Universidade Catolica.

Her work is focused on an intrinsic issue of the discipline: the poetics of tectonics, and its expressive potentiality. In 2013 Carla Juacaba was announced the winner of the arcVision Women in Architecture Prize.

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
mariathuroczy, October 4th, 2013
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