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Bokov Studio

Andrey Bokov came to work to the to the post of the vice-director for scientific work when Igor Mikhailovich Vinogradskiy, the founder and first director of the institute, was at its head. After him Mikhail Moiseevich Berklayid started leading the institute, and he managed to keep the structure of the and its peculiar features.

In 1998 Bokov became the director of the institute. And though it was a crisis year for the Russian economy, right that one is marked for the institute with such projects as the Pushkin Museum in Prechistenka street. Among present orders to the institute one may note important social projects, cultural, public health, sport objects and so on. The has a reputation of a company that in the shortest terms is capable to perform very considerable complex projects which have analogues neither in home nor even in world practice.

Andrey V. Bokov is General director of GUP MNIIP "Mosproject-4", PhD on architecture, full member of the Moscow department of the International Academy of Architecture (MAAM), corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS), member of the European Culture Society, president of the Union of Architects of Russia (UAR), laureate of the state prize of Russian Federation in the field of architecture, Russia honored architect

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ziggurat, September 17th, 2011
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