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1576 – 1576


Private House

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Lonigo Vicenza Via Rocca, 1 Italy
36045 Lonigo Vicenza

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Villa Pisani Ferri La Rocca

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Villa Rocca Pisana Change this

Lonigo Vicenza, Italy
by Vincenzo Scamozzi Change this
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This Villa was built for the Pisani family in 1576 from a design by V.Scamozzi. Sanding sollitary and superb on the hill, it is not a mere imitation of Palladio's "La Rotonda", but an original work whose interior space establishes a mutual relationship whit the surrounding countryside. The light filling the central hall throught the open dome, the columns of the pronaos of the facade and "serlane" at the center of each of the other three sides, creates a startling effects. The large openings offer enchenting views of the beautiful landscape all around.


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