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Concrete, Modernism, Forgotten Masterpieces

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1953 – 1953


Private House

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Colinas de Bello Monte

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The Flying House, Fifth Olary

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Villa Monzeglio Change this

Caracas, Venezuela
by Antonio Montini Change this
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Villa Monzeglio was designed by an Italian immigrant Architect, Antonio Montini, in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas.

The building was cutting edge for its time, using concrete cantilevers and retaining walls, allowing the building to jut out over a steep, sloping hill and 'fly' off the hillside. It was intended to display an Italian-style of architecture in the Venezuelan capital.

It is alleged that the architect was commissioned to design Villa Monzeglio for a local Italian couple who ran a successful delicatessen. Senor Monzeglio wanted to give his wife a grand home.

On July 22 2005 it was declared by the Institute of Cultural Heritage as a Nation's Cultural Asset and is currently used for administrative purposes.


Posted by Guest | Thursday, April 4th, 2013 | 16:59pm
and they had to built a hideous block of flats right next to it... :(
Posted by AleeshaCallahan | Friday, December 14th, 2012 | 13:31pm
It's interesting to see the way architecture is integrated into different cultural places. This building perhaps highlights the clashing of two distinctive vernacular styles.

Es interesante ver la forma en arquitectura se integra en diferentes lugares culturales. Este edificio destaca quizás el choque de dos estilos vernáculos distintivos.
Posted by Guest | Thursday, December 13th, 2012 | 18:53pm
Allí continúa desafiando la gravedad y el tiempo...con la audacia de siempre...lástima que padezca de la enfermedad del mal gusto con el cual se intervienen sin respeto a la arquitectura y sus arquitectos...mal común en este país...

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