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Modernism, Bauhaus Budapest, Church, Steel And Concrete

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1932 – 1933



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Csaba utca 5.
1122 Budapest

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Városmajori Jézus szíve plébániatemplom

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Városmajor Heart of Jesus Parish Church Change this

edited photo by Attila Vincze

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The Heart of Jesus Church in Városmajor (Jézus Szíve templom) is a noted piece of 20th century architecture and an outstanding example of Bauhaus that was justly added to the list of protected buildings. Considered too modern at the time of it its consecration in 1933, the congregation expressed its disapproval at the building, but the first reinforced concrete church of Budapest has become the pride of locals by today. It was shelled in 1942; today, a Mary statue stands where it was hit. The Heart of Jesus church is a popular venue for elegant marriage ceremonies. It is a must-see for the fans of 20th century architecture.

The church is divided into three parts. The small church that is acting as a community center connected with an arcade to the main church that has three naves. Finally, the bell tower, also connected to it with a vaulted archway.
Originally the historic chapel was built by architect Árkay Aladár in Hungarian style. When this chapel soon proved to be too small his son Árkay Bertalan planning a larger church. The three-nave hall church is a flat roof building covered with travertine stone, and if you look at it, it’s put together from standing and lying symmetrically built logs.

Inside the nave separated from the shrine by a triumphal arch. There are the sculptures of six and six Apostles on both sides by Pátzay Pál. There are also picturesque modern frescoes, painted on aluminum panels by Aba-Novák Vilmos.
The colored glass windows are praising the work of Árkayné Sztehló Lili’s hand. The fascinating, interesting parish church declared a national monument.

Architect Árkay Bertalan set a memorial to his father Árkay Aladár, a single column and a pool, in between the small and the big church.




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