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World Cup, Stadium

Project timeline

December 2010 – December 2012



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Belo Horizonte

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New Mineirao Stadium, Minas Arena

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Bruno Campos, Marcelo Fontes, Silvio Todeschi, Patricia Bueno, Leonardo Paes, Luciana Maciel, Michelle Moura, Mara Coelho, Leonardo Rodrigues, Joana Vieira, Carolina Eboli, Gabriela Jacobina, Henry Amin, Isabel Garcia, Thiago Bandeira, Camila Belisario, Fani Frkovic Demetris Venizelos, Daniela Ribeiro, Marta Guedán Vidal, Felix Morczinek

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Governo de Minas

Novo Mineirão Change this

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
by BCMF Arquitetos Change this
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The Novo Mineirao stadium was constructed for the 2014 World Cup being held in Brazil. It was designed by BCMF Arquitectos and was completed two years ahead of the World Cup in 2012.

The stadium is a multipurpose arena with high quality standards. The design reflects the requirements set out by FIFA which ensures an optimum view of the playing field. The stadium provides traditional and cultural needs while incorporating technology and all levels are equipped with bathrooms, bars and eateries. The stadium has a seating capacity for over 65,000 people.



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