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Contemporary Architecture

Project timeline

2011 – 2016



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Am Lokdepot
10965 Berlin

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€95 million

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Lokdepot 123 Change this

Berlin, Germany
by Robertneun Change this
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The housing project in Lokdepot street is an unconventional and alternative experiment of future living forms. Within the Atelier Loidl, landscape office's collaboration, the project aims to designs an inner-city able to dialogue with the Gleisdreieck Park urban development. That new-scale project and its existing urban situation lead to an atmosphere, materiality, and scale that contribute to a heterogeneous city that can be found at all levels of the project. The public space is set with the existing surfaces such as cobblestone pavement, rail rests, etc, while the building and apartment types are designed analogously as factory buildings with greenhouses and materialized with context-related materials such as brick-red colored exposed, concrete facades, rust-protected red lacquered aluminum windows, large-scale wooden doors, and recycled brick façades.


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