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Museum, Archive, Cinema

Project timeline

2011 – 2012


Congress & Exhibition

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IJpromenade 1
1031 Amsterdam

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Eye Film Institute Change this

Amsterdam, Netherlands
by Delugan Meissl Change this
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The Vienna office of Delugan Meissl Associated Architects has translated EYE Film Institute Netherlands into a remarkable design. The museum building reacts to its surroundings and to the distinctive neighboring Oeverhoeks tower in a formal and atmospheric symbiosis. Existing and new buildings generate a balanced urban ensemble, creating an integral part of the overall urban concept and an architectural focus of high utilisation and abidance quality.

The building is conceived as a highly tense and dynamic geometric solid. The light is reflected in multiple ways by smooth, crystalline surfaces, thus subjecting the building's appearance to permanent optical changes during the course of the day. Movement and light manifest themselves clearly as essential parameters for the film as a medium in the architectural production.

EYE’s new location will feature four modern film auditoriums: one with 300 seats, two with 120 seats and one with 80 seats. There is ample room for exhibitions, educational activities and other events. Workrooms, a film lab, a shop and a café complete EYE’s headquarters. The terrace will offer a great view over the water. EYE’s new location is in Overhoeks, Amsterdam’s new urban district named after the prominent Overhoeks Tower on the former Shell research site.


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