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Ski Jump

Project timeline

1999 – 2002



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6020 Innsbruck

Current state


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Bergisel Ski Jump Change this

Innsbruck, Germany
by Zaha Hadid Change this
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At a length of about 90m and a height of almost 50m this building is a combination of a tower and a bridge. It’s part of a larger refurbishment project for the Olympic Arena and replaces the old ski jump, which no longer met with international standards. Structurally it is divided into the vertical concrete tower and a spatial green structure, which integrates the ramp and the café. In the first design of the project it was planned to support the 4 fielded in-run with three pillars. The final construction was executed without pillar support. The solution was the construction of the “fish belly”. 68.5 m steel and steel wire with an inclination of up to 35 degrees. It actually removes the stress from the in-run itself. The foundation platform measures 16 by 20 m. The upper three lower floors contain technical equipment, storage and staff offices and the entrance level. Visitors elevator reaches the terrace level at about 43.5 m to watch the athletes below fly above the Innsbruck skyline.


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