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April 9th 1882, Jurjewez, Russia

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Moscow, Russia

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Vesnin Brothers

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Change thisMoscow, Russia
born 1882, Jurjewez

Viktor Vesnin

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Viktor Aleksandrovich Vesnin was a Russian Soviet architect. His early works (1909–1915) follow the canon of Neoclassicist Revival; in 1920's, he and his brothers Leonid (1880–1933) and Alexander (1883–1959) emerged as leaders of Constructivist architecture, the Vesnin brothers.

After the crackdown on Constructivism in 1931-32 and until his death, Viktor Vesnin was the highest-ranked architect in Soviet system, heading the Union of Soviet architects and Academy of Architecture. As a lead architect for heavy construction, he supervised many industrial projects, but his own visionary drafts of this period never materialized.


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