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Women In Architecture

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October 17th 1868, Santiago de Chile, Chile

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Chicago, USA

Sophia Hayden Bennett Change this

Change thisChicago, USA
born 1868, Santiago de Chile
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Sophia Hayden Bennett was an American architect of Chilean descent, known for being the first woman graduate in architecture from the Technological Institute of Massachusetts. In 1891 she won the competition to design for the building of Women in the Universal Exhibition of Chicago 1893. The construction of this was quite significant since all aspects of the building were planned by woman. Graduated in architecture was difficult to find work as an woman architect so she accepted a position as a technical drawing teacher at a school in Boston. In 1891 women architects were invited to participate in the design competition for the Pavilion of Women in the World Exhibition in Chicago from 1892 to 1893, also called the World's Columbian Exposition celebrating the fourth centenary of the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus. Hayden won the competition with a design of three-storey building. She designed the building when she was 21.

In 1900, Bennett married a portrait painter and interior designer William Blackstone Bennett. The couple had no children. William died of pneumonia on April 11, 1909. Although Bennett designed a memorial for women's clubs in the U.S. in 1894, it was never built. She worked as an artist for years and lived a quiet life in Winthrop, Massachusetts. Bennett died at the Winthrop Convalescent Nursing Home in 1953 of pneumonia after suffering a stroke.



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