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Wood, Local, Portuguese Architecture, Visionary, Earth, Sustainable


January 1st 2010, Porto, Portugal

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Rua de S. Vítor 143
4000-505 Porto, Portugal

Skrei Change this

Change thisPorto, Portugal
est. 2010, Porto

Earth samples as part of the Reliquary Project

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Skrei began its practice in 2009 with an inquiry into the qualities of Portuguese raw materials. By experimenting with mortars and construction tools, Skrei was able to develop specific materials and started administrating its own works. It has become a workshop of architects of experimental constructions where construction techniques and craftsmanship have combined with sophisticated engineering for refined clients. Skrei's architectural practice is based on a close relationship between design, construction, and cultural production. It's an approach that shows how materials can incorporate knowledge and how this knowledge can be instrumental in defining the praxis of architecture.


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