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1953, Bari, Italy

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Studio Mauro Galantino
Via San Michle del Carso, 3
20144 Milan, Italy

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Change thisMilan, Italy
born 1953, Bari
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Mauro Galantino took his degree in design composition in Florence in 1979. Between 1981-83 he studied urban development in Paris and he collaborated with Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Chemetov-Devillers architects in architectural competitions. After that collaborate in Milan with Vittorio Gregotti (1983-1987). 1987 opened his office and started his academic path both in Geneve till 1994. He moved and taught in different University like Girona, Strasburg, Paris Belleville, Lausanne, and his current one: IAUV-Venice.

Mauro Galantino took part to several international competition as the Parlament for Berlin and Wien, the constructed Europan2 in Florence, and the development of City Life in Milan.



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