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June 1st 1973Italy

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Bruno Architettura
Via Fontanelle II 35
84025 Eboli , Italy

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"In architecture it’s imperative to be able to transmit the content of forms to the observer."
Luca Bruno

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Change thisEboli , Italy
born 1973
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Bruno architettura studio has been involved in architectural design since 2004. The founder, Luca Bruno, graduated from the University of Naples Federico II in Architecture. Specializing in architectural design, he has deepened his subject through multiple journeys in Italy and Europe, visiting among others the works of Carlo Scarpa, Giuseppe Terragni, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and the most recent ones of Alvaro Siza, Carlos Ferrater and other Contemporary Masters. He is often a participant and, at times, a winner of ideas contests, now directs the research of his own study, the experimentation of a pure architecture, aimed at the elimination and cleaning of forms from every decorative-aesthetic element in favor of 'Authentic expression of forms, material language, and continuous dialogue between architecture and nature, working through the design of public and private architecture.



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