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1908United Kingdom

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April 16th, 2019

Jessica Mary Albery Change this

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born 1908

Drawing of a pair of proposed houses by Jessica Albery

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Jessica Albery (1908-1990) studied architecture at her mother's suggestion, who did not expect her to become ‘a serious professional’.

After five years of training at the AA, Albery spent six months on building sites in the City of London, observing buildings under construction, including Sir Edwin Cooper’s Royal Mail Office.

In the 1930s, she shared office space with other women who had set up on their own (Joyce Townsend and Judith Ledeboer). She designed and built five chalk pisé houses near Andover, using her on-site experience to supervise labourers and the foreman, before moving into the public sector, combining architecture and town planning on projects including Basildon New Town.




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