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April 5th 1900, Haag, Austria

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Montecito, California, USA


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October 27th, 2010

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Change thisMontecito, California, USA
born 1900, Haag
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Herbert Bayer (Haag, April, 5th 1900 – Montecito, CA, September 30th, 1985) was an Austrian graphic designer, painter, photographer, and architect who studied for four years at the Bauhaus under such teachers as Wassily Kandinsky and László Moholy-Nagy and was later appointed director of printing and advertising by Bauhaus director Walter Gropius. In 1928, Bayer left the Bauhaus to become art director of Vogue magazine's Berlin office. He emigrated to America in 1938 where he had a long career as a graphic designer and architect.


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