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Urban Design, Augmented Reality, Sustainable

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May 8th 1980, Mexico City, Mexico

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City Ink Design
Tuxpan 63, #404
06760 Mexico , Mexico

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  • 2003 - 1° place advertising award, ¿y tu quien eres?
  • 2003 - 2° place, competition, young architects in the historical center
  • 2011 - 1° place, SEEER awards, for the sustainable architecture
  • 2013 - 2° Place, Atrium, design architecture competition.
  • 2014 - 1° place and 1° mention like tutor in the Virtual Workshop of the Americas

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"Architecture is the ink with which the book is written call city!"
Francisco Ramon Vazquez

Francisco Ramon Vazquez Change this

Change thisMexico , Mexico
born 1980, Mexico City

Francisco Vazquez

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Master in Architecture Francisco R. Vázquez Licea.
Architect by the Faculty of Architecture of the UNAM, obtaining a mention for the quality of his final work "Multimedia Gallery Arts" also have a master of architecture degree in the area of ​​architectural design for the UNAM.
He has given lectures in many forums, radio stations, and universities in all the country, emphasizing in 2011 its participation with the conference Urban Atheroma in the international event TED-DF, besides his work has been published in national and international journals as ATK, Immobiliare, Metropolis Magazine, Green Life and in national newspapers such as El Universal and Reforma.
In the university has taught at various institutions, including the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture in the Home-Study of Luis Barragan and De La Salle University in México City, where he currently coordinates the area of architectural development, imparting workshop in urban and architectural design.
Together with his partner the software developer Alexandro Vazquez are pioneers in the field of augmented reality architecture in Mexico.
He has received multiple awards in the last years like the, 1st place in the design of publicity poster for Nintendo of America, 1st place in the SEEER awards for energy efficiency, 2nd place in the Atrium competition, 2nd place in the competition for Young Architects in the historic center of México, and has led his students to get 1st place and 1st contest mention in the Virtual Workshop of las Americas.
Is part of the Mexican Association of Town Planners and the Sustainable Cities Colective.


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