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Pioneer Architect, Feminist Activism In Architecture, Gender Equality


August 19th 2016, New York, USA

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New York, USA


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March 14th, 2019

Feminist Architecture Collaborative Change this

Change thisNew York, USA
est. 2016, New York

Gabrielle Printz, Rosana Elkhatib and Virginia Black

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About Change this

Feminist Architecture Collaborative (f-architecture) is a three-woman research enterprise aimed at disentangling the contemporary spatial politics of bodies, intimately and globally. Their projects traverse theoretical and activist registers to locate new forms of architectural work 
through critical relationships with collaborators across continents and an expanding 
definition of Designer. Gabrielle Printz, Virginia Black, and Rosana Elkhatib maintain their wily practice and their deep friendship in Brooklyn, New York.

Given the co-construction of gender and the built environment, they locate design as a method of resistance, action and collective dreaming. Taking a global view of design practice, the production of representations, objects, spaces and experiences, f-architecture aims to “design design” to yield new possibilities for women of all genders. This critical practice is rooted in research, fieldwork, and collaboration, and emerges in public formats including exhibitions, interventions, publications, and digital experiences, an expanded set of documents by which architecture is made and communicated.


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