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2006, Rome, Italy

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Via Latina 43
CA 00179 Rome, Italy

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"The poorer the context, the more demanding the project: SCARCITY dictates QUALITY."


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October 03rd, 2014

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Change thisRome, Italy
est. 2006, Rome
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FARE is an architectural practice created in Rome in 2006 by Riccardo Vannucci and Giuseppina Forte, complemented by a team of young professionals. In an era when design appears to oscillate dangerously between the virtualisation of products and the narcissism of protagonists, FARE pursues a more concrete and material approach to architecture, an inherent objective rendered explicit in the name of the office. Of the projects developed by FARE in our first two years of activity, we mention the CBF - Centre pour le Bien-ĂȘtre des Femmes, in Ouagadougou [Burkina Faso], inaugurated in November 2007, the Dubai Municipality New Headquarters in Dubai [UAE] and the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Visitor's Centre, also in Dubai.


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