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Women In Architecture, School Of Venice

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June 3rd 1910, Rome, Italy

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Venice, Italy

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Giuseppe Samonà

Egle Renata Trincanato Change this

Change thisVenice, Italy
born 1910, Rome

Egle Renata Tricanato in Palazzo Grassi, Venice, 1954

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Egle Renata Trincanato on 1938 was the first woman who becomes an architect at IAUV, Venice. On 1937 she met Giuseppe Samonà, important link both academic and professional, in fact, she becomes his assistant in Venice for the Architecture Elements and Monumental Survey. She studied and published her analysis on the Secondary Venice urban texture within the professional activity focused on social housing in the contemporary city, researchers exposed also to the 7th CIAM on 1954 based in Bergamo, Italy. With Samonà she designed INA housing (social housing) in Treviso (1949-1953), INAIL building of Venice (1951-1956), and collaborate for the Experimental INA housing in San Giuliano of Mestre, Italy (1954).


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