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1970s Yugoslav Housing, Yugoslavian Modernism

Birth date / place

1940, Omiš, Croatia

Selected Architecture

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Belgrade, Serbia

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Milan Miodragović

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  • 1993 - Grand Prix Association of Serbian Architects for lifetime achievement.
  • 2008 - 30th Salon of Architecture for the building of Metals bank in Novi Sad

Darko Marušić Change this

Change thisBelgrade, Serbia
born 1940, Omiš
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Darko Marušić studied at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, where he graduated in 1965. He remained as a professor at the faculty until his retirement. He is the member of the graphic design section ULUPUDUS, a regular member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia and a councilor of the board of the Belgrade Association of Architects. He was working with his wife Milenija Marušić.


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