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February 7th 1884, Marcellise, Italy

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Genoa, Italy

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Change thisGenoa, Italy
born 1884, Marcellise

Angelo Invernizzi with his wife Lina

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Angelo Invernizzi was born in Marcellise on February 7, 1884, as the son of the baker. He went to school at the local seminary, as children of poor families often did in Italy at the time, but later became influenced by socialist ideas. Then he studied engineering at Genoa and Padua, where he became interested in concrete. Later he worked for the Italian railways. He returned to Genoa, where he built the concrete "Clock Tower", as the Genoese call it today. It was the first skyscraper in Italy. He also built the Casa di Popoli (People's House) in Montorio and his own villa, in his hometown, the rotating Villa Girasole.

Angelo Invernizzi died in 1958 during a stay in Girasole.


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