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Zehmeister Villa

Pecs, Hungary
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This Villa was designed by Fred Forbat to a chemistry professor, dr. Laszlo Zehmeister in the town of Pécs, Hungary. Before starting designing the Villa, Forbat made a primary plan, a one-storey, brick-clad house, with a complex plan. Finally the realized house is simplier and more functional, than the first design.

Similar to the german Bauhaus style in this era, Forbat uses weather-resistant and expressive brick-cladding on this house. More specifically unplastered, red burnt brick, so thus the Villa had a special vivid effect with the sprawling nature. Currently wild graps intertwine the walls creating a serene harmony between the house and its environment.

Hollow-core slabs, gravel-covered roof and the expertise of Ferenc Tepes ensured the professional manner of the construction.

A front garden divides the north facade from the street. However it’s diverse openings, the north elevation is quite closed. Exploiting the rise of the parcel, a laundry complex takes place in the basement. The professor’s library and the bedroom oriented to the east and north. All living spaces of the house are oriented to the south, to look out to the private terrace and the garden. Forbat designed a glass wall on one side of the terrace to protect it from the wind.

Batsanyi Janos street 15.