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Theodotos Kanthos Residence

Nicosia, Cyprus
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The three bedroom house and atelier for the artist Theodotos Kanthos is considered to be one of the first examples of buildings in Cyprus that incorporated the values and overall principals of Modern Architecture such as the use of pilots, no ornamentation, the clear distinction between structural system and non load-bearing elements and the functional separation. Interestingly, the residence's ground level, was designed as a series of rooms: the artist's atelier, the living room/kitchen and the garden connected through a sequence of different types of thresholds, that form spatial and visual continuities. The cantilevers and balconies of the upper level have a multidimensional purpose, bioclimatical and experiential. They control the natural light within the house and create an in-between space on the ground level where the exterior becomes part of the interior and vice versa. The adaptation of the building to the local climate conditions, the typology deriving from vernacular architectural references by Phokaides (2007), along with the use of local materials such as wood and local stone, was fundamental in Michaelides work.