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The Woloszczuk House

London, United Kingdom
Symbiosis of English Tudor style & Neoclassicism by Ralf Pflugfelder
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Symbiosis of English Tudor style & Neoclassicism by Ralf Pflugfelder

Symbiosis of English Tudor style & Neoclassicism - Efficiency and styles from Germany

In 2019, the Woloszczuk House from London won the Build it Award. The architect, Ralf Pflugfelder from Germany, based his design on the English Tudor style and the striking forms of neo-classicism, which are also reflected in the architectural language of the surrounding houses. The abstract design of the house is striking: depending on the perspective you view it from, the house's appearance is completely different. How does that work?

An open interior extends over 4 floors with a seamless transition to the garden area. The house changes from open to closed, from front to back. The influence of the antique architecture is striking. Monumental columns and straight lines are the defining elements of the neoclassical façade. The designer introduces the playful Tudor style to the property in asymmetrical shapes and in the wooden construction of the windows and doors. Ralf Pflugfelder designed a spacious building of 740 sqm in which the family of five can live in style - with sufficient retreats as well as inviting living space that can be shared.

The Woloszczuk House was built ecologically and energy-efficiently.