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The Other Temple

Andreas Brugger, Solomon at his Throne, 1777
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Andreas Brugger, Solomon at his Throne, 1777
Andreas Brugger

“Before it fades”

Joseph Cornell, Diary entry 1954

Architecture throughout time has confronted degradation with endurance, it’s nature is more physical than fluid, more thing than flow. The term “creation” has been historically related to architecture’s practice, theory and history. To create is to exist, it looks forward to transcendence, which means to last. Its antithesis “destruction” has remained in a constraint and inflexible thought as something undesirable, unnatural or abominable. Destruction is degradation, it fades away.

The Typologies of Degradation in Architecture

The other Temple is a research project that explores the physical transformations, documentation and replication in time of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. It traces back the history of the famous temple whose measurements were dictated by God himself according to the Book of Kings in the Bible.

Through an architectural representation and historical analysis of the many iterations of the temple, (Solomon's Temple, Zerubbabel's Temple, [[27942|Herod's Temple]], the Wailing Wall, the Escorial, the Templo de Salomao, among others) The project parts from the most recent one, "Templo de Salomao" in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to explain how the degradation of an architectural object may become not only ruins but multiple transformations of form, location and meaning. Making an argument for the different Types of Degradation in Architecture.