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Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre

Tallinn, Estonia
1 of 9© Kaarel Susi

Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre is a sport complex in Pirita, Tallinn, Estonia. The complex was built in 1980 as sailing infrastructure for Moscow Summer Olympic Games by architects Henno Sepmann, Peep Jänes, Ants Raid and Avo-Himm Looveer.

Area under construction 12,860 m2, closed net area 28,265 m2. Height 27.9 m and length 252.7 m. There are seven above-ground floors. The building materials of the load-bearing structures are brick, reinforced concrete and metal. It is a massive horizontal building with an interesting futuristic-looking middle part. It looks more like a machine than a building. Currently, the building is not in the best condition, but it is under protection as architectural heritage of Estonia. At the moment it hosts a spa hotel and several sports clubs.

Since 1997 the complex is under protection as the object of architectural heritage of Estonia.