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Saint Benedict Chapel

Sumvitg, Switzerland
1 of 10Flickr: Samuel Ludwig

This Chapel created by the Pritzker-Prize owner, Peter Zumthor is a modest wooden building situatated on a slope of a mountain in Switzerland.

In 1984 an avalanche destroyed the baroque chapel in front of the village of Sogn Benedetg (St. Benedict). A recently built parking lot had acted like a ramp pushing the snow from the avalanche up against the chapel.

The new site on the original path to the Alp above the small village is protected from avalanches by a forest. The new wooden chapel, faced with larch wood shingles, was inaugurated in 1988.

This Chapel in a small village located in the Mountains is “a cylinder that turns into an oval and then into a keel: the geometry of this church, however definite, is also dynamic and elusive to the eye, all this exacerbated by the implantation of the building on a steep slope.”The church has a wooden construction and the façade is made with wooden shingles, wooden snips, similar to the locally build houses. The building is very carefully detailed and the setting is wonderful.

Caplutta Sogn Benedetg