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Restaurant Interior Koper

Koper, Slovenia
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Dining room

At the beginning of the 60's tourism in Slovene coastline became more and more important therefore many new specialized restaurants, bars and pubs were built. Edo Mihevc takes the credit for many of them, for example, first nightclubs (pubs in Triglav hotel and Tri papige in 1963), multifunctional guesthouses (like guesthouse Belveder above Izola in 1962 and Ankaran tavern in 1964) and the Fish restaurant on the main square in Koper.

A picturesque Fish restaurant was situated in the ground floor of The Praetorian Palace in the city of Koper and it was built in order to boost coastal tourism. In 1963 architect Edo Mihevc transformed the garage into the restaurant, which was made of two rooms; the bigger dining place was separated from the much smaller one. Existing stone walls and brick arches were renewed end integrated into a new arrangement. The south wall of the dining room was covered by fugal bricks, arranged in different patterns. The floor was covered with tiles, whereas the ceiling was coated by dark wood, used from the fragments of the former ceiling. The furniture - windows, door, tables and chairs, were made of a massive larch wood. All rooms were furnished with unique wooden fences, iron chandeliers and floor lamps. In the place where the former cistern used to be, Mihevc constructed the kitchen and all other facilities, including toilet facilities. The restaurant was situated next to the nearest busy square, where the guests could sit during the high season.

An internal architecture of the restaurant depicts immanent tectonics, traditional crafts and natural materials. Enchantment of craftwork stimulates sociability and places the restaurant alongside other European successful businesses in the field of tourism. Later the Fish restaurant was permanently closed and all of the interior had been removed. After its demolition it was substituted by tourist information centre with a small art section. Probably, the place will never be a part of any food service anymore which would liven up the Koper's city square.