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Pushkin Cinema

Moscow, Russia
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The Pushkin cinema is one of the largest and best known cinemas in Moscow. The cinema was built in 1961 by D. Solopov, J. Sheverdjajev and E. Gadshinskaja in the typical style of the era, a building block made of concrete and glass.

During the Soviet period it was known as the largest cinema in the country. The single screen in the house has seating for over 2,500 visitors. The Pushkin Cinema, also well known as Cinema Rossija, his former name, was renovated and changed in 1997 and has now seating for 2,000 visitors. In the same building is now a Casino, which gives the cinema with it's neon signs a new look.

A new competition in 2011 "Changing the Face - Moscow 2011" just announced the winners for ideas to redesign the facade of the cinema.