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Pinko Tomažič Elementary School

Koper, Slovenia
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Pinko Tomažič elementary school in Koper was deisgned by architect Edo Mihevc in 1967. It was designed as a pavilion in the middle of the park with three green atriums and a light first floor floating on piles.It was considered one of the most consistent modern architectural designs after World War II.

The elementary school was in a large square between the two access roads and the transit road. In the general urban plan of Koper, the space was made for recreation, sports and education. The area was torn from the sea that once surrounded the island with the city. It is therefore in constant danger of being flooded by the sea. This potential danger is the reason the ground floor atrium building was raised on pillars. Under the building was a covered school yard, the atriums were greened and contributed a pleasant Mediterranean micro-climate. Due to the elevation, the two staircases with school entrances could be inside the atriums.

Transparent Pavilion

The school was the first attempt to build in the low-lying area of ​​Bonifika. Deep foundation with piles was still a big technical and economic problem at that time, which was especially evident in the unequal sitting of the building and the great turmoil of the terrain, including utilities. The building had a flat roof and orthogonal geometry. Constructive elements made of exposed concrete, which framed the Pompeian red façade surface, emphasized the simplicity and transparency of the floor plan. Large glass surfaces were protected with cantilever blinds. In urban terms, the school was the only example of a pavilion transparent construction in the Bonifika area between the old core of Koper and Semedela and could become the principle of construction in this area. A special quality was its relationship between full volumes and empty, green space.

Due to the settlement of the terrain, the building needed renovation. Without any explanation it was demolished in 2007 by the City Municipality. Today on this location stands newly built school.

Cesta Zore Perello – Godina 1