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New Pumping Station Tiergarten

Berlin, Germany
1 of 1Sven Eggers

The designs by the architect O.M. Ungers and Stefan Schroth for a new pumping station in Berlin Tiergarten stem from 1978, but the station which replaced on old sewage pumping station on the same premises was built from 1985 to 1987. The old pump station, built as " Pumpwerk VIII" in 1888 to 1890 is a document of the advanced sewage system which James Hobrecht, an urban planner for Prussian Berlin implemented for the city.

Ungers' building draws references from the old station while developing his own original design. It features a clinker brick facade with a pitched roof and four large rectangular chimneysThe pumping station's interior might be inspired by the Umlauftank designed by the architect Ludwig Leo who was a collborator of Ungers at the TU Berlin.