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House of Tsarist Political Prisoners

St. Petersburg, Russia
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The House of Tsarist Political Prisoners, a monument of Constructivist architecture, was built in 1929-33 for the members of Leningrad department of the Society of Former Tsarist Political Prisoners and Exiles (architects G.A. Simonov, P.V. Abrosimov, A.F. Khryakov; commemorative plaque). It was created as an exemplary residential-house-commune with common household services, a club and the Museum of Hard Labour and Exile. The combination of different sizes, ribbon windows and numerous balconies underline the dynamics and plastic expression of the composition. Many of the residents, former prisoners of the tsarist regime, perished during the repressions of the 1930s-50s (commemorative plaque).

In 1990, the foundation stone of the Monument to the Victims of Political Repressions in Petrograd-Leningrad, was laid in a public garden in front of the Political Convicts' House.

1 Troitskaya Square