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HEX-A-TRAL is a Post Fossil City. While imagining the future of cities, we come across a limitless possibilities of habitat, technology and sustainability. The definition of future sustainability is limitless to a human mind. Assuming a city without fossils, opens the possibility of a world where the existence of Flora and Fauna are restricted to public museum and exhibition. This leaves us with concerns of the future environmental, social and economic aspects. Post Fossil city focusses on a dynamic approach towards transportation, dwelling and communication. The definition of Living, Working, and Movement would change by the means of alternative Energy source which would be renewable and governed by resources which would not replenish over time. With No Fossils and a major scarcity of air and water, the only source of energy would be HUMANS whose existence is assumed limitless. Imagining a city that is not addicted to fossil fuels. Interpreting the way we live, work, and move around the city, our main source of energy would come from humans.

The easiest – simplest activity/process that humans do is to move! There is limitless amount of energy which is created during human movement. The idea is to extract and then simulate the simplest source of energy production from unit scale to mass production. This can be achieved by a unit called fractal.

HEX-A-TRAL: Hexagon + Fractal

A fractal module is developed which can be multiplied to infinite numbers. The module would gather and store information/energy based on bionic sensors installed in them. Module would be the essential part of the transportation roads, pedestrian roads, dwelling facades, flooring. The Fractal module possesses flexibility of energy sharing and expansion. The development of energy is based on Fibonacci Series, thus the energy multiplies in 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144…and so on (joules/single fractal module). With this proposal and vision for future, a module can be developed which derives and stores energy from human pressure which is created by movement (stepping: walking: running) and this energy is used to transform, transmit, and create micro climatic spaces. These fractals would also allow the space to grow. They are further explained as follows.

Derivation of Concept

Nature is completely surrounded by fractal elements. The huge mountains, snowflakes, sea shores, etc. are made from a similar unit module, which is a triangle. The most stable module obtained from a triangle is hexagon, allowing it to merge / interact / collide with 6 sides. These fractal modules are everywhere in the universe. The complex identities formed which we see in our day to day lives are actually built up with these basic entities. Evolving this triangular - fractal module to hexagon (which is combination of 6 equilateral - triangular fractal), a non-fossil dependent, energy optimizer, bionic sensor equipped, base plate is designed which generates its energy from human interactions and movement. This becomes the source module for the future. The vehicular roads, pathways, and buildings of all scale are made with this hexagonal prototype.

Interpretations + Visions

“Post fossilated pathways”: As humans are the only constant in future vision, movement plays an important role in developing and generating energy. With walking pressure on hexagonal plates, they get activated in Joules. The motion sensors on them are then energized and they multiply their energy in Fibonacci series. Thus final output generated from single fractal plate is in Mega Joules. a. Situation 1: A group of people gathered at a common place. A single plate can be shared from 6 different directions. Energy consumed is directly proportional to the number of people on single fractal plate. Hexagonal shape allows the plate to share and transfer energy and thus create a micro climatic shield for future weather conditions. b. Situation 2: A single individual walking on pathway: simple situation where the human walks and the energy is transferred from one fractal plate to another through motionary sensors supporting the micro climate.

“Post fossilated public space”: Open Air Theater (O.A.T.), Auditorium, Conference Halls, can have unexpected numbers gathered at once. In order to deal with such complex situation when the space is not enough to accommodate the number, bionic sensors in column (structural member) are brought into use. Based on the idea of Robotic arm, where nerves simulates the actions, such spaces in reality can sense the suffocation. It then signals the columns to move from its place and to expand and accommodate more space.

“Existing Heritage building and preserved cities”: In this case, the fractal elements are enveloped (rather than reconstructed like in the case of other future building). These fractal plates would preserve them from harsh temperature and would prevent any wear and tear keeping the monument immortal. There is a famous saying: “Logic Takes you from A to B, imagination takes you everywhere”