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Arouca, Portugal
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Gomos#1 © Tiago Casanova

This project is a prototype of the Gomos System, which results from a business R&D project and consists of a concrete modular system,presenting an accurate and efficient solution for the contemporary need for simplification and acceleration of the building processes.

 This is an evolutionary system, in which each module (or Gomo) leaves the factory completely ready, including all interior and exterior finishes, insulations, window frames, water and electricity installations and fixed furniture pieces. The on-site labor can be reduced for only building a basic foundation, which is followed by a simple assembly of the modules, taking just a few days. The system allows rising a building five times faster than the average time for regular construction methods. The fully industrialized process enables the optimization of the production time and the amount of site work, without compromising the structural quality. The modules' design and dimensions, which were planned to optimize the transportation and assembly processes, allow the adaptation of the system to diverse programs and topography situations.The building process on video: (©Building Pictures)