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Fair Building Kranj

Kranj, Slovenia
View of an exhibition pavilion
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View of an exhibition pavilion

An exhibition hall of the Gorenjska Fair in Kranj stood on the green Sava Island, below the old town centre. The building is interesting because of its universal applicability. Architect envisioned the exhibition hall as an open system with a basic construction element that can be repeated countless times and used anywhere, for any purpose. The building complex was built in 1971 and was conceived as an open plan fairground.It was built on Majdičev or Savski Otok in the river Sava in the center of the city of Kranj.

Sever planned the fairgrounds in such a way that the island would have the character of a park with as many trees as possible, and during construction he also avoided the existing trees. In the conceptual design, the fair halls cover both halves of the island, which are separated from each other by a road, above which he imagined a large triangular building. The building would connect the two fairgrounds.

The basic element of the building is a reinforced concrete pillar with hanging brackets that evenly pierce the roof like skylights in the shape of glass pyramids. He placed the pillars in an even grid and connected them with beams. Since the original plan, only the exhibition shed, completed in 1971, whose roof was supported by 30 characteristic pillars, has been realized. Other facilities were never built. The idea behind the building was to offer complete flexibility of the internal space. Spaciousness, flexibility and the modular nature of the space is also expressed in its outside appearance.

The building was demolished in 2003 due to bureaucratic rigidity and slow action of the Kranj municipality. Even though the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, has proposed a new list of buildings built in the last 50 years, to be registered as protected for their cultural value, the municipality was to slow, to process the protect the building.