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Ex. Childran Holiday Resort Kravica

Krvavica, Croatia
1 of 5B. Krejs, A. Dika: Mapping the Croatian Coast, 2020, Vienna

Holiday resort for children with lung diseases, built and managed by the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) operated from 1970s until the 1990s as a military holiday resort. It is situated in the midst of pine forest between sea and mountains. The design was originally by Richard Marasović who left the project due to disagreements with the principle. Centroprojekt Beograd took over with Slobodan Kasiković as project leader. After the earthquake in Skopje in 1963 the regulations in the region were stricter. A more stabile construction was required and the statics had to be revisited.

The Structure of the Complex

The complex consists of three buildings - a circular main building, a storage area and a residential wing for the staff. In the circular upper floor of the main building are children's bedrooms. There, double-sided natural lighting and ventilation were created by a fold in the ceiling. It was designed to function as a natural healing apparatus using wind, sun and nature. In 1974 the JNA turned the children's hospital into a hotel for its employees. n the 1980s it was expanded with prefabricated bungalows in the surrounding pine forest. During the Yugoslav Wars was used as a refugee shelter. Since then the main building has been vacant, while the eight apartments are still inhabited. The efforts of the local municipal administration to demolish the building and establish a luxury tourism resort failed as the building was listed as heritage in 2015.

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