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Demetriou Apartment Building

Nicosia, Cyprus
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The Demetriou apartment building is situated in the center of Nicosia, next to the Venetian Walls. The ground level was used as an exhibition space and the owner's offices, whereas the upper levels were comprised out of three residential apartments. The rooftop, a covered terrace, was left unfinished for the possibility of future expansion.

The emblematic exposed concrete structural frame of the building with the repetitive horizontal elements that extent to sun protective louvers and balconies, create microclimatic conditions both in the external and internal space. This is more apparent in the street elevation of the building where the facade was designed intentionally for bioclimatic reasons with small openings and not the contrary as many would expect with a view of the old Town of Nicosia (Fereos & Phokaides, 2006). After the 2012 renovation of the building, this condition has changed, when the local architects in charge were asked to reconfigure the building to accommodate one luxury apartment in each level with a panoramic view of the city.