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Dálnoki-Kováts Villa

Budapest, Hungary
1 of 12Cseh Driessen Eva

The building was originally built in 1932 for Jenő Dálnoki-Kováts, chairman of the Hungarian Trade Association. The architect was Farkas Molnár, who has studied in the famous Bauhaus school in Dessau, Germany. As a student of Walter Gropius he was one of the leading member of the Modern Movement between the wars.

The Dálnoki-Kováts villa has won the price of the best family house in Europe in Milan at the International Architecture Triennial in 1933. This excellent artwork of International Modern Architecture takes a prominent place in the life-work of Farkas Molnár. It is entitled as national monument.

It is a detached 3 storey building with a flat roof, constructed with reinforced concrete. The bottom floor includes a small independent studio apartment, a boiler room and storage. At the ground floor we find the living room, a study, kitchen with dining area, a small bathroom and a walk-in closet, while the bedrooms and a full bathroom is located upstairs. Both bedrooms have access to the broad roof terrace.

The corner of the bottom floor from the staircase with it's spectacular pillar forms a small terrace, from which open space you reach the entrance. The semi-cylindrical staircase that becomes solid in a spiral is only supported by one column at this level. The opposing cylindrical shape on the other hand is completely open: the half-round winter garden is 80cm deep and it's outer glass surface is comprised of narrow glass strips. The inner portions of the living area are illuminated by this “flower-window”. The other side of the living area adjacent to the winter garden, can be opened towards the terrace with a three sectioned folding door.

The house has kept it's original features and character, in a technically updated form. The topography of the grounds is in its original state, however the landscaping of garden has gotten notably more beautiful.

The size of the parcel is 960 sqm, the house is 190 sqm, and the terraces are 108 sqm in total.