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Czech Pavilion at EXPO 2015

Milan, Italy
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czech pavilion at expo 2015 by lukas pelech

The concept is based on the temporarily of the pavilion and on the theme of the World Exhibition EXPO 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". The motto of the pavilion is water. The pavilion presents the latest progress in nanotechnology for water purification as well as traditional Czech Republic's relation to water (e.g. spa, etc.). It does this in the form of the swimming pool, which is part of the public space of the pavilion. The pavilion is a modular structure. The important aspect of modularity is the ability to dismantling the building after the show, move it back to the Czech Republic and reuse the modules of the pavilion.

The climatic conditions of the summer in Milan are also taken into account in the design of the Czech pavilion, offers something extra to the often tired visitors. It is up to the visitor, if he decides to rest in one of three restaurants in the pavilion or relax in the pool which is known as "urban pool" or "Czech Re: Public Pool". The necessary equipment for the bath is given to gets the visitor free as promotional material. Instead of traditional printed materials that often end up in the trash, the visitor gets flip-flops, a bathing suit and a towel which should have the information about the exhibition and about the Czech Republic printed on them. The visitor can then promote the pavilion elsewhere in an original way. Promotional items will be made of smart materials with nanotechnology, in which the Czech Republic is a world leader.

When the exhibition is closed the pavilion can be disassembled into individual modules and transported back to the Czech Republic where it could find another use. The pavilion will not necessarily meet fulfill the usual fate of the exhibition pavilions, meaning decay or demolition. The lower part may continue to serve as a restaurant with a swimming pool, for example on the Prague waterfront. And after simple modification the top two floors can be use as kindergarten, art gallery or student housing.