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Common Places

1 of 6Javier Toro Blum

Common Places is a collaborative research initiated and promoted by Chilean based architecture office Plan Común, founded in 2012 and focused on research and production of strategies and projects for maximizing public & collective spaces. This starts from a concern on questioning the validity of current operative models -whether they are ideological, economical, cultural or normative- in order to produce new and fertile public spaces with our own design skills and architectural tools. The goal is to offer alternatives, which re-validate the public value of architecture as the way of thinking and building our cities. There are all kinds of themes or subjects of interest, from big scale to intimate spaces. The potential of architecture in this reproduction is based on disciplinary tools such as text and neutral drawings dealing with canonical architectural elements.

They propose de-mercantilized, political and strategic projects for the public and society at large. 50 strategies (for now) of second generation facilities –designed by a network of architects around the world, collaborating in a regular basis with the research– that should be activated by a mobilized community in shaping our future cities. The catalog of strategies that should be published during 2016 is just a first phase of the research. They are interested to find them a real context and to deal with a real network of actors in order to go further on the feasibility of each case.