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Central Telegraph building

Moscow, Russia
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In 1925 Rerberg secured a contract to design the Central Telegraph building in Tverskaya Street; the state clients initially opted for a public contest, but were dissatisfied with the avant-garde entries and preferred to hire an old school professional.

Rerberg's draft was finally authorized in March 1926, and the building was completed in 1927. Rerberg used reinforced concrete frame and moved all staircases outside of the main building shell; this resulted in unusually spacious and well-lit open space offices, new to Moscovite constructions.

Later, the space taken by equipment was gradually reduced in favor of offices. Externally, the Telegraph's mixed modernist structure of glass panes and granite-clad columns with classical symmetry and quality workmanship and attention to detail associated with Art Deco. The building caused an uproar of avant-garde critics but was praised by mainstream press.

Tverskaya ul. 7