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Central Library Celje

Celje, Slovenia
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Central Library Celje - main facade

In the sixties, the Celje study library was held in the Old Counts' Mansion. Soon the urge for a bigger and more suitable place was explored at the Faculty for architecture in the Marijan Music seminar. Cveta Varlec Sadar's concept won the internal design competition. After that Cveta and Jure Sadar has started working on the project together with their colleagues at Gip Ingrad office. In 1967 the new building was build. After two months of migration of all the books and other study material, the library was opened for public on 3rd Jul. 1968.

The building is situated within the southern edge of the medieval City of Celje. Their library employs a unique modernist architectural language and sited so as not to disturb the delicate fabric of the old city core.

From 2010 the Celje central library is renewed and expanded. The new project was realised within Stvar office.