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Capital City Towers

Moscow, Russia
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The Capital City Towers are two highrise buildings composed of a number of stacked offset cubes north of Moscow's historical centre. The 300.000 m2 project which is part of the redevelopment area Moscow City comprises not only the two towers to the north, of 62 and 73 stories, it is also preceded by a conical dome in the front. These major volumes are connected by a 4 story base and an urban, publicly accessible landscape on top of the base, enabling visitors to choose different, interconnected routes to and through the scheme.

Commercial and leisure programmes occupy the lower 4 stories and include department stores, restaurants and fitness facilities. The following 14 stories of the towers and the full dome are mainly commercial, including offices and a congress centre. All upper stories accommodate apartments of various layouts and sizes. To visually reduce the scale and mass of the towers the overall form is non-orthogonal and twisted in plan to create slender silhouettes. This transgression is also apparent within the facade geometry, with the vertical emphasis of the lower stories changing to horizontal to the top of the towers.

Due to the continually changing spatial relation between the outer facade and the fixed and pragmatic layout of the vertical core, almost no floor plan is identical. This variety requires a flexible floor plan system for both the offices and the apartments. For the latter, an intermediate, flexible layout system is introduced which creates the individual apartments and organizes the interior layouts. To maintain maximum flexibility between the core and facade and the cantilevering floor plans, the structure is accommodated principally within the perimeter, reducing internal columns to a minimum. The Capital City towers are therefore an intelligent and striking variation on usually repetitive non contextual high-rises, offering the highest comfort and individual living.

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